2017 Demo

by Lavaborne

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Innocent mother dying defiled The clergy had betrayed The father looked at her wounds and smiled As the clergy licked the blades He proudly declares on his sacred night Satan's child will come to be He'll lead the fight against the Christian right And set their people free Chorus 1: Out in the fields there is no sound Til a lone wolf starts to howl Warriors crawl out of the ground Satan's legions on the prowl Now the witching hour has struck The mother cries in pain The father feels the souls amuck Emerging from her bloodstains With one last push before her death The Serpent Seed has bloomed A wicked soul is given breath Satan's child can now consume Chorus 2: Riding Hounds of Hell they start the search For the worshippers that call Now they reach the Heathen Church And wait outside the walls Evil heathens dead and defiled The Dark Lord had betrayed They gave birth to his wicked child And began his black crusade Those who didn't meet the creature's eyes Managed to escape the church But Satan meets them with surprise And kills them from his perch Chorus 3: They unite as father and son With no word for man's laments Thy Kingdom come thy helpers shunned As Revelations commence.
Bound to a rock As the lamb stares in shock Afraid of what may unfold Something comes into view As he's stirring the brew What is the thing that the Servant holds It looks like a child From a mother defiled A withered body with a demon's face Lowered into the pot Within seconds the spot Has a figure standing in its place Chorus: Flesh of the Servant Blood of the Foe Bone of the Father The pot starts to glow Now they behold He is restored Words once foretold The rising of the Dark Lord Standing like a ghost To his legions he boasts As he looks at the prisoner with spite He has waited so long For the weak to be strong He has prepared to finish the fight His strength he will show When he murders the doe The first step of securing his rule The time has come now And with a final bow The two champions are ready to duel The warriors clash And the lamb is outmatched It seems the wicked have claimed the day With an unseen spell Evil's sins are expelled And attack him in the melee Now the lamb flees the land With his brother in hand Barely surviving the master's might He knows what's in store That the second war Will an even more savage fight Chorus
Is death a thing of honor An immortal taste of fame Or does it bring you horror To be a forgotten name It always seems worth wanting When a comrade is to die Yet they'll use it in your taunting As you scream your battle cry Chorus: Now they come the souls enticed Don't they look so surprised Exchanging fame for sacrifice The truth's unanalyzed To Valhalla your friends will go Death is the great reward And Hades will consume the foes That have fallen to your sword To send you on the killing floor A bribe is all it is Our country will not win the war Unless the other dies for his Chorus Hell is the inferno That threatens all mankind Heaven is the smoke that grows Poisoning your mind Only when despair is vast Will I bow down for my gods But that is when they have passed My logic is so flawed.
Licking the blood from your own wounds When they all heal you will want more Venturing from your solitude Getting up from your stone cold floor Playing the martyr playing the victim Just to see what you can score What will you do when you become him Never to be you always swore Forced to cut off your puppet strings Away from the liars you lie Free from under Satan's wings But he taught you how to fly The stones have been cast you feel the stings You fear your tears won't dry They'll fear the bite the cornered beast brings Avengers come you'll defy Chorus: Pick up the stones Let's begin the game So we can see Who has the better aim Those who will atone And know the game well Or could it be Those going through hell I can't tell Picking your wounds they'll never heal It's enough to keep you occupied Kept on the floor forever kneel You've been cursed by the ostracized Bound to the mast they've sealed your fate Endless cycle lottery planned The Stones have been cast crushed by their weight Now you feel the Stones of the Damned Chorus
Rip the heart out of my chest Never let it make a sound In pieces may the old me rest May he never emerge from his mound Those who claim to know me They only knew the old I don't wish for your sympathy I wish my pain on you sevenfold Chorus: I am the Devil's breed Here to teach mankind his creed Here to serve your every need I am the Serpent Seed Brighter than a thousand stars Let my own light be my guide The mark I bare his lifeless body scarred The very emblems of my pride I can't reach for all I want achieved If I bow down and obey A man who was fire conceived Mustn't heed a man of clay Chorus Chorus


released September 15, 2017

Recorded July-September 2017 in Carmel, IN
Engineered and mixed by Brandon Signorino
Cover image by Chris Latta with editing by Samantha Lehman

Chris Latta: Vocals, Bass Guitar
Brandon Signorino: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Drum Programming


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Lavaborne Indianapolis, Indiana

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